TWP 100 Series Stain Colors and Photo Albums

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TWP 101 Cedartone Natural

TWP 101 cedartone naturalTWP 101 Cedartone Natural is by far the most popular of the 100 color choices accounting for 60-70% of the sales. The 101 is a traditional Cedar color. It highlights the natural grain of your wood with Caramel/Golden tones.

TWP 115 Honeytone

TWP 115 honeytoneTWP 115 Honeytone is the lightest and most natural looking color. This is a "golden" color that will highlight the natural grain of your wood similar to a clean "wet" look.

TWP 102 Redwood

TWP 102 redwoodTWP 102 Redwood is a popular choice for customers who are looking to add a rich red color. We call this color a "straight" red as it does not contain any other highlights.

TWP 116 Rustic

TWP 116 rusticTWP 116 Rustic is a reddish-brown color. This color has become more popular than the 102 Redwood as it is a Reddish/Brown color similar to maroon.

TWP 103 Dark Oak

TWP 103 dark oakTWP 103 Dark Oak is a beautiful Medium to Dark Brown that will really enhance your wood. This color is popular for customers who are looking to get away from the traditional golden/cedar colors.

TWP 120 Pecan

TWP 120 pecanTWP 120 Pecan is the newest color in the 100 series line and was introduced as an alternative to the 101 Cedartone. This color is what we call a slightly brown/cedar color. Basically, a little bit of brown was added to the 101 Cedartone to "tone down" the traditional orange cedar color.

TWP 105 Cape Cod Gray

TWP 105 cape cod grayTWP 105 is a popular gray color that is a traditional gray. This color is heavier in solids than other TWP color choices. We consider this to be closer to a semi-solid.

TWP 106 Prairie Gray

TWP 106 prairie grayTWP 106 Prairie Gray is a unique color. We would call this a taupe gray with a hint of coral.