RAD Guard Mildew & Algae Cleaner & Preventer

R-A-D Guard is a no-rinse cleaner and preventative that is safe and effective for removing and preventing stains caused by mold, mildew, and algae on exterior surfaces and exterior wood or deck stain coatings. R-A-D Guard cleans without pressure washing, scrubbing, or rinsing. Contains no bleach, chlorine, acid, sodium hydroxide, or phosphates. Keeps cleaning long after application, keeping your wood stains looking better longer. 1-2 years of mildew and algae prevention.

Note: R-A-D Guard is not used for prepping wood for wood stain application. The primary goal is to remove mildew or algae stains and prevent mildew and algae stains from returning.

When & Where to use RAD Guard on Wood/Decks

R-A-D Guard is best used to remove mildew and algae stains that have accumulated over or on top of any exterior surface. The advanced properties of R-A-D Guard can also be applied after an application of an exterior wood stain to prevent the growth of mildew or algae for 1-2 years.

RAD Guard Mildew & Algae Wood Cleaner & Preventer

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