TWP 102 Redwood

TWP 102 redwoodTWP 102 Redwood is a popular choice for customers who are looking to add a rich red color. We call this color a "straight" red as it does not contain any other highlights.


TWP 100 Series comes in 9 different color choices, 8 of which are semi-transparent. TWP penetrates into the wood grain while "enhancing" the natural color tones of your wood. TWP 102 is an EPA registered wood and deck stain and preservative. Containing unique ingredients which protect wood from damage, TWP 102 stain color has been a leader and respected product for over 25 years.

Final TWP 102 Redwood colors will vary based on:

  • Type of Wood
  • Age of Wood
  • Prepping of Wood
  • Application method

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    Jon Sundell · 05/20/2020
    I have stripped my 7 year old deck with Defy stripper and a pressure washer and put down Defy brightener. I am waiting for it to dry before applying the TWP 100 series that I bought for the first time. Unfortunately, I pitted quite a bit of the wood with the pressure washer and possibly a wire brush that I used. I have read that it is easy to redo TWP stain every one or two years, and I have looked forward to doing that, but I wonder if it will be difficult to remove the stain from the pitted wood. If so, should I sand the deck before refinishing, should I do that when I'm ready to redo the stain, or should I just leave it like that? Also, can sanding be done with a large floor sander to speed the process, since working on my knees with an orbital sander takes forever and is really hard on my 73 year old back?
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    Jeff · 08/12/2019
    western red cedar pergola with TWP 102 redwood stain, during contruction and 6 months after (some darkening)
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    Sharon · 06/22/2019
    We are installing a new western red cedar fence, which stain would be the best, and what prep is required?
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    Judy · 06/09/2019
    I have an Evergrain composite deck can I use this to enhance it?