TWP 103 Dark Oak

TWP 103 dark oakTWP 103 Dark Oak is a beautiful Medium to Dark Brown that will really enhance your wood. This color is popular for customers who are looking to get away from the traditional golden/cedar colors.

TWP 100 Series comes in 9 different color choices, 8 of which are semi-transparent. TWP penetrates into the wood grain while "enhancing" the natural color tones of your wood. TWP 103 is an EPA registered wood and deck stain and preservative. Containing unique ingredients which protect wood from damage, TWP 103 stain color has been a leader and respected product for over 25 years.

Final TWP 103 Dark Oak color will vary based on:

  • Type of Wood
  • Age of Wood
  • Prepping of Wood
  • Application method

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    Jon Townsend · 08/24/2019
    I stained my ceiling of the covered deck with the dark oak last fall and love it. I am now going to do the decking boards. I am buying the restore a deck and I also have a power washer. Can you please tell me what steps I need to do and the order of them including when to power wash. I plan on applying the cleaner and brightener with a tank sprayer. The deck boards are exactly one year old. Am I better off staining now this fall or waiting till the spring. I live in Nebraska. Lastly I have an aluminum railing, will the restore a deck or the stain affect the railing? Do I need to cover them or will any splatter just wash off? I really want to get all this right the first time. Thanks Jon
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      TWP Stains · 08/25/2019
      You can stain now.

      1. Apply Cleaner and pressure wash off. Rinse well.
      2. Apply the Brighterner and rinse after 20 minutes.
      3. Wait 48 hours to apply the stain.

      Prep should not harm the railings but always test first. Do not get the stain on them. If you do, wipe clean right away. Saturate any oily rags in water and lay flat to dry outside when done.
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    Walter Sorrenti · 05/02/2019
    What is the coverage for a gallon can
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    Jordan Tucker · 03/17/2019
    Just finished our cedar front porch. Everything is cedar except the ceiling. It is yellow pine. Turned out great. I used 100 series dark oak and clear. I mixed it 2:1 (2 dark oak gallons to 1 clear). I did this to help lighten up the dark oak because it was pretty dark, almost black on our cedar. Here are some before and after pictures. I talked with TWP and you still get UV protection when mixing the clear with the dark oak.
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    Joe · 10/12/2018
    I plan to create a ground contact walkway similar to twp-103-dark-oak#!TWP_103_Dark_Oak_Walkway --- what are the recommendations for staining/sealing the underside of the deck boards? Should I stain the edges and bottom first and let the boards "age" before staining the tops? I would at least like to seal the edges prior to installation (is that advisable)? Do I need to be concerned about the deck board bottoms? Should I have crushed stone under the boards, a "small" air space, or does it matter? FWIW - deck will be located in Maine and will be cleared with a snowblower. Thanks!
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      TWP Stains · 10/12/2018
      No need to stain the sides and only stain the exposed wood after install, natural weathering, and prep. You should create some airspace of some kind to avoid rotting.
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    Lewis · 10/09/2018
    I just stained a newer pine deck for the first time after letting it age for about 14 months with TWP 120 Pecan but I want re-stain it with something less orange and darker. How would I go about removing it and applying TWP 103 dark oak? Thank you!
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      TWP Stains · 10/10/2018
      In the Spring.
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        Lewis Frazier · 10/10/2018
        So I should wait to let it dry more? I cannot restrain immediately? Then would I strip and brighten?
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          TWP Stains · 10/10/2018
          Much easier to remove in the Spring as opposed to stripping a stain that was just applied. You will need to strip and brighten in the Spring.
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    john · 10/05/2018
    I have stripped restore-a-deck cedartone with restore-a-deck stripper and pressure washer, then applied brightener. Some was left so I also did moderate to heavy sanding to remove the remainder. I plan to pressure wash the dust off completely. Do you recommend 1) repeating the stripper, then pressure wash, then brightener; 2) apply the cleaner, then pressure wash, then brightener; 3) pressure wash, then brighten; or 4) just pressure wash only? I plan to use TWP115.
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      TWP Stains · 10/06/2018
      Clean, pressure wash, and brighten would have the best results.
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    John · 09/21/2018
    I like twp103 dark oak but would like a lighter shade of brown for a two tone application. Can I mix 103 with 100 clear for a lighter shade of brown? And if I can mix, will it still provide some uv protection? If the uv protection is inadequate then I may still mix to get desired color if the two will mix properly.
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      Linda · 09/21/2019
      I’m thinking of mixing TWP103 dark oak with either 120 Pecan or 100 clear. Do you have any pics to share?
    • We will reply to your comment shortly
      TWP Stains · 09/22/2018
      Yes, you can mix TWP colors of the same series. You will still have UV protection.