TWP 1500 Series Stain Colors and Photo Albums

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TWP 1501 Cedartone

TWP 1501 cedartoneTWP 1501 Cedartone is the most popular color in the 1500 Series. It is a brownish/cedar color that is slightly darker than the 100 Series Cedartone.

TWP 1515 Honeytone

TWP 1515 honeytoneTWP 1515 Honeytone is the lightest color in this series. This color will highlight the grain of your wood with golden tones.

TWP 1502 Redwood

TWP 1502 redwoodTWP 1502 Redwood is a very rich red color. Looks great on all wood types such as Cedar, Redwood, Pine, and Exotic Hardwood decking,

TWP 1516 Rustic 

TWP 1516 rusticTWP 1516 Rustic is a very popular red color as the red tones are highlighted with a slightly brown tone.

TWP 1503 Dark Oak

TWP 1503 dark oakTWP 1503 Dark Oak highlights your wood with a rich Dark Brown. This color is very popular with consumers who are looking to stray away from the cedar and reddish color choices.

TWP 1520 Pecan

TWP 1520 pecanTWP 1520 Pecan is one of the 2 newest colors for the 1500 Series. This color is a lighter brownish/cedar color of the 1501 Cedartone.

TWP 1504 Black Walnut

TWP 1504 black walnutTWP 1504 Black Walnut is a stunning dark brown color. Very unique but loved by consumers!

TWP 1530 Natural

TWP 1530 NaturalTWP 1530 Natural was introduced to resemble the 101 Cedartone Natural color. This color is not a "Clear". This color is a traditional cedar color that highlights your wood grain with Caramel/Golden Tones.

TWP 1511 California Redwood

TWP 1511 california redwoodTWP 1511 California Redwood is a great color. This is a lighter red color that is not as dark or rich as the 1502 Redwood.