TWP 1511 California Redwood

TWP 1511 california redwoodTWP 1511 California Redwood is a great color. This is a lighter red color that is not as dark or rich as the 1502 Redwood.

TWP 1500 Series is available in 9 semi-transparent color choices that penetrate into the wood while enhancing the natural wood grain. The 1511 Series is higher in solids content which may result in "richer" colors than the 100 Series. In general, the 1500 Series color will not match the colors in the 100.

Final TWP 1511 California Redwood color will vary based on:

  • Type of Wood
  • Age of Wood
  • Prepping of Wood
  • Application method

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    HB · 04/07/2019
    I installed Redwood Fence, Deck and Pergola couple of years back. There has been lots of rains this year in Northern California this year and I am ready to get it stained. Is 1511 the right product or will 1502 be better. I want to maintain more natural look. And how long these products are good for.

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      TWP Stains · 04/07/2019
      Either color will work. We offer samples for testing.