TWP 1516 Rustic 

TWP 1516 rusticTWP 1516 Rustic is a very popular red color as the red tones are highlighted with a slightly brown tone.

TWP 1500 Series is available in 9 semi-transparent color choices that penetrate into the wood while enhancing the natural wood grain. The 1500 Series is higher in solids content which may result in "richer" colors than the 100 Series. In general, the 1500 Series color will not match the colors in the 100.

Final TWP 1516 Rustic  color will vary based on:

  • Type of Wood
  • Age of Wood
  • Prepping of Wood
  • Application method

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TWP 1516 Rustic  Photo Gallery

If you have used the TWP 1516 Rustic , we would love to see your photos!

Please add them in the comment area below.


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    Randy · 10/24/2022
    The cedar siding will be rustic stained to match redwood house/tower.
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    Randy · 10/24/2022
    Used twp on cedar deck. Cured/dried for several months then sanded and cleaned and brightened and one light coat stain. Second year cleaned and brightened and stained. All fine. Now i am putting up cedar siding. Must it be treated same as deck with curing. Does it need sanding? No place to store siding that long unless a must. Contractor will want to stain and throw it up. I want to do two coats all 6 sides wet on wet as it may never get stained again. Difficult water tower connected to a roof to work around.
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    Ron · 01/05/2022
    In July 2021, used a 50%/50% mixture of 1500 series Rustic and Redwood to increase the redness in the Rustic stain and used the mixture to stain the western red cedar lumber of the patio screen I made.  The rough sides of the pickets at the back of the screen (behind the patio) stained darker than the front smooth sides. 60 grit sandpaper was used to prep the lumber surfaces before staining.
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    Brien · 09/03/2021
    Has anyone did the rustic on cypress post yet
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    Allison D · 08/03/2021
    Would like to use Rustic on vertical of deck and Cedartone for flooring. Do you have any pics of that color combo?
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    Erin · 06/28/2021
    Is this oil based?
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    Divebus · 04/19/2020
    This is TWP 1516. This 1,000sf deck has been coated every other year for the last six years with TWP 1516. The deck itself is 25 years old.
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    Jeffrey Bjorck · 08/15/2018
    The photos #6 and #7 in this series match the color I obtained on redwood lumber. In contrast, most of the pictures in this gallery are much lighter. Is that variation due to the underlying wood?
    • We will reply to your comment shortly
      TWP Stains · 08/15/2018
      Yes. Final color always varies based on wood type, the age of the wood, amount of coats applied, etc.