Chapin Heavy Duty Sprayer

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This Chapin 1949 sprayer works with all TWP Wood Stains, Cleaners, Stripper, and Brighteners. Very durable construction and maximum performance.

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    Deborah Klibanoff · 05/08/2018
    photo of my fence for post below about spraying stain versus other methods.

    Deb, Seattle
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    Deborah Klibanoff · 05/08/2018
    I have purchased from you the clean and brightener kits and TWP 100. I will be ready to start this project soon, my pressure washer just arrived. I bought a $30 manual sprayer, a "professional" grade at home depot recently but I am wondering if this will produce a quality looking stain and finish, given I follow your spraying directions well.

    Or would a stain pad, roller or brush be better or electric sprayer for this size project? If you think an electric sprayer would be best do you have a recommendation for one? Or would hiring a professional be better? I am very handy, can manage this myself with help if I can make it look good without hiring a professional.

    The fence is 160 ft and the deck is 12x13 deck all made of Alaskan Yellow Cedar decking boards.

    Thank you for your recommendation.

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    TWP Stains · 05/13/2009
    It will spray transparent and semi-transparent oil stains. It will not spray solid stains. It is a very good. high quality sprayer.
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    william · 05/13/2009
    I want to spray a 800 sq, ft. deck with oil based stain, will this sprayer handle the job? If not can you reccomend one that will? I\'ll be treating pressured treated wood.
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    jrpalsa · 03/29/2009
    what is the maintenance of this chapin sprayer. how is it cleaned after spraying on superseal 25?(or should i just be using a roller?)