TWP Stain EPA Registered Wood Preservative

by TWP Stains

The TWP 1500 Series is the Only EPA Registered Wood Preservatives on the market!

When it comes to quality deck stains, TWP sets the bar at a high level. For over 20 years TWP (total wood preservative) has formulated excellent wood stains that even industry-leading staining contractors turn to. The company not only prides itself on the kind of top quality wood protection and beauty we all expect but also formulates their stains to be safe and environmentally friendly.

As the only EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered wood preservative, TWP is the leader in wood preserving stains. With the 1500 Series wood preservatives comes in a variety of colors, TWP stains will enhance the natural beauty of many exterior wood surfaces and provide a lasting finish. Their low 250 VOC formula found in the 1500 Series Wood Preservative is compliant in all 50 states making it the top choice in the wood staining industry.


Its specially formulated pigments penetrate better, dry faster and outperform most other wood stains while still remaining the only EPA registered wood preservative. The protective finish penetrates deep into the wood pores for maximum protection and enhances the natural beauty of wood like no other stain on the market. Unique mildewcides hinder the growth of mold and mildew to protect against wood rot and decay to prevent premature failure and structural damage from occurring.

Enriching the natural beauty of the wood while providing a long-lasting finish in an EPA registered formula puts TWP in a class of its own. TWP stains can be used in many exterior wood projects like house siding, wood shakes, log cabins, decks, and fencing. Available in 9 different colors there is sure to be a look to fit any situation. TWP protects from graying, fading and discoloring so you can be sure your wood surfaces look and stay beautifully protected for many seasons of use.

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