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TWP Stain Comparison

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    Tom · 04/22/2019
    I have new (8-9 months old), Weathered, Fire Treated Pine. We are interested in a Semi Transparent Stain. What would you recommend?
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    Hector · 04/17/2019
    Thank you for doing the products that you do. My pressure treated deck is about 6 years old. I waited a good six months so the board could dry out before I applied the initial stain. I used your product and cleaned, brightened and stained the deck using your 1500 series stain. It looked like a million bucks and we were definitely complemented on how it turned out. I used Cedertone as the color. I remember it being a bit slippery for a few days. But after i fully dried out it was good to walk and the water would bead up an not soak in. Awesomeness

    Flash forward 5 years now and we need to restain. Water now seems to soak in and I have some graying of the floor and banister boards.

    So a few questions:
    What stain series type do you recommend? I live in NJ
    Thinking of Cedertone again.
    Should I use Restore-A-Deck again to remove the graying?
    How long should i wait until I restain the deck in the future?
    Should i pressure wash or scrub?
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      TWP Stains · 04/18/2019
      You have to use the 1500 in NJ.
      Yes, prep with the Gemini Restore Kit.
      Restain every 2-3 years is normal.
      Pressure wash while using the kit.
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        Hector · 04/23/2019
        Thank you for your answers. I have another. The website has two bundles for the 1500 stain; one with RAD the other with Gemini. What is the difference between RAD and Gemini Restore Kit?
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          TWP Stains · 04/23/2019
          The RAD is a stripper. Gemini is a cleaner.
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    Brenda Dunn · 03/30/2019
    We live in Delaware near the coast and have a pressure treated lumber deck that has never been treated. The wood has grayed and dried out. We would like to stain it a gray color which is not available in the 1500 series. Will the 200 series product work on a deck? What do you recommend? Thanks!
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      TWP Stains · 03/30/2019
      Yes, you can use the TWP 200 Series for this.
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    Jay · 03/27/2019

    I recently bought a house with cedar shake siding and I'm unsure about which treatment would work best. I really like the natural cedar look but these shakes are 30 years old, the color all around is not uniform anymore (some areas throughout the siding are lighter/some darker/some bleached out) and I am looking for a finish that will protect the shakes the most for the longest amount of time. As a result, I feel like a compromise to all of these characteristics would be staining the siding with a semi-solid or solid body stain. I feel like this would take care of the unevenness so the shakes will end up uniform and the coating would last longer than any other type of stain so I wouldn't have to coat it every few years. I would like to make the siding look as close to that natural warm new cedar color as possible however I am unsure if a semi-transparent would even out the different tones after a good cedar wash and last as long as a solid body stain. I heard really good things about TWP stains so I am now strongly considering going the semi-transparent route as I am very interested in preserving the natural cedar look. I would like to make the right choice so my family and I can enjoy our new home for years to come, please help? Thank you for your time.
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    Jim O · 03/26/2019
    Hi, I have a new construction house with what I’m guessing is a standard pine deck. I live in North Carolina. It is a covered deck however, it does receive sun most of day. I am thinking Dark Walnut, but I definitely want to show the grain, which line should I go with.
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    Jenny S · 03/24/2019
    We live in Colorado-our 50ft long deck get full sun most of the day- we just replaced our deck last summer with cedar- what product do you recommend for staining. I don't understand the difference in the 100 vs 1500 series. Thank you- Jenny S
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    mike · 02/12/2019
    Can TWP be tinted?
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    BranWick · 12/03/2018
    My 15-year old cedar garage doors and shutters are being stripped of old stain. I am trying to decide the best product to put on them. I want some color, but I want the grain to show through. Located in Texas where periods of drought are broken by flooding, so fairly extreme exposure conditions. Thank you!
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    Tom Sintzel · 09/24/2018
    here is my overall plan and want to get your feedback. I have had some feedback from your expert and thanks for the guidance. I'm being extra careful on this project so as to avoid extra work in the future of a real mess when finished.

    I have two decks that sit a top each other with step descending from the top deck to the lower deck and then down to the yard. I had previously used a Consumer Reports, nationally recognized Premium All-in-One Wood Solid stain and sealer. Deck are both 18 x 13 with 27 steps and wood railings with 300 ballasters. The floors are peeling badly 3 coats over 9 years, last coat 4 years ago.

    So I need to redo the floors and top of the railings. Several recommendation have flatly said I need to sand and strip to remove old finish down to bare wood. Solid stain is very hard to remove.

    To get to bare wood, I'm in the process of chemically stripping the lower deck (probably two times). and using cleaner-brightener.

    I'm sanding the upper deck floor to bare wood including top of the railings and then using a cleaner-brightener and power washing. I can't used chemicals on upper deck due to Aluminum Rain Tight System under top deck.

    I'm not stripping and sanding 300 ballasters as they are in great shape and I can't afford or have time to do the ballasters down to bare wood. I will clean-brighten and power wash ballasters as part of prep.

    Is this realistic not to strip the ballasters as they are vertical and noted exposed to direct sunlight. The finish on the ballasters seems dried out, but are not peeling.

    So, when I'm finished prepping.

    I want to re-stain the ballasters. Can I use TWP 100 semi-solid to go over the previous solid stain or should I re-use the original solid stain for better adherence them

    On the floors due to previously discussion, I want to use TWP 100 on the bare wood floors and steps and plan to touch them up every few years as noted on previous TWP comments "that I can expect to get about 2 years of service before re-staining".

    Based on the two pictures taken, will TWP Dark Oak or Dark Walnut coordinate or look similar to the ballaster's color.
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      TWP Stains · 09/24/2018
      Hello, TWP cannot be applied over a solid stain so it will not work for your verticals unless you sand it all off. The TWP will work for the floors with easy clean and recoat every 2 years or so. The TWP Dark Oak and Black Walnut are not red like you spindles. They are dark browns.
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    Kurt · 09/22/2018
    Can TWP 200 be removed from log building after being on for 3-4 years? If so what process would

    be used to remove it?


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    B.J. McCormack · 09/21/2018
    Hey I have a new fence. It has been up approx. 8 to 9 months. I would like to stain with a light brown transparent stain. It will get full intense sun. We live in northwest corner of Alabama. Any suggestions on which of your products to use? The fence is a treated yellow wood product. Thanks.
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    Heather · 09/17/2018
    PT deck and railings in Northeastern PA. Full afternoon sun, last stained about 4 years ago. What do you recommend?
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      TWP Stains · 09/17/2018
      What brand and type of stain is on the wood currently? Do you have a picture?
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        Heather · 09/18/2018
        Unfortunately I don't know. It was power washed at the beginning of the summer so some of the decking has the stain removed.
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          TWP Stains · 09/18/2018
          Hello, the TWP cannot be applied over the old gray stain on the floors. That would have to sanded off. Once removed, strip and brighten all the railings and the floor for the final prep.
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    Marisa · 09/09/2018
    2 month old PTP deck in Memphis TN. Gets full afternoon sun, hot humid summers. Hoping in a month to do a darker color, maybe black walnut or dark oak. Which is best for this climate, 100 or 1500 series?
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    Alicia · 09/04/2018
    Which should I use for:
    -9 month old untreated cedar fence in western Washington state
    -9 month old untreated cedar deck covered and uncovered areas
    Which color is most neutral/uncolored?
    Thank you
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    Catherine · 09/01/2018
    Once I put down the TWP 1500 on my log sided building do I need to apply a “sealer”? If I do what is your recommendations? Thank you, Catheirne
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      TWP Stains · 09/02/2018
      No need nor can you top coat the TWP with a sealer.
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    Catherine Jean Wissner · 08/29/2018
    I live at 6,000 feet, the sun is brutal on paint and fades out wood dyes. How does TWP stand up to UV exposure at altitude? Thank you, Catherine
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      TWP Stains · 08/30/2018
      It is fine at high UV exposure. Clean and recoat every two years or so. Make sure to prep correctly the first time applying.
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    EJ · 08/29/2018
    I have a 20 yr old ipe and cedar pergola and deck, that was just power washed a week ago - what do I need to do now? It cleaned up in most horizontal pieces well, but need to have if it finished asap. I'd like to restore the original color of the IPE that was gorgeous - what would you recommend? I'm in NE on the coast
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    Phil in CT · 08/27/2018
    Hi, It's time to stain the cedar shingles on our house. I live in CT. The last time the shingles were stained was between 10 and 19 years ago. One side, 10 years, the other three, 19 years. Shingles are 40 years old. They were last stained with transparent, non tinted, CWF (Flood). Our lot is heavily wooded, so shingles are still in pretty decent shape (except for woodpecker damage). Shingles will be professionally cleaned before staining. We'd like to add some color this time around. Which TWP stain would be the best choice; 100? If so, we were thinking about TWP 105. Since that is closer to a semi-solid than a semi-transparent, will we have to worry about peeling down the road? Thx. If not 100, would 200 or 1500 be better? Thx.
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    J · 08/27/2018
    Recently purchased a new home North of Atlanta that has a large outside deck that gets full afternoon sun and a screened in porch that is covered. The deck has been up for about 4 months. What stain would you recommend and would you suggest light sanding prior to application?
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    Max in MT · 08/20/2018
    I have an older shake roof ~40 years old. The shakes are in good condition, I am considering treating them with the 200 series. Is that a good idea? Will that improve the life of the shakes? They appear to be un-treated. I live in Montana. The 200 series appears to have a much higher solids content. Does that mean it is more opaque than the 100 series? Is it also thicker?
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      TWP Stains · 08/20/2018
      For cedar shakes, the TWP 200 series is the best one. It is semi-transparent in color. It will improve the life and look of the shingles.