TWP and Gemini Wood Care Restoration Video

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    TWP Stains · 05/09/2014
    Bill, strip off with the Restore A Deck stripper and use the RAD Brightener when done. One of each should be enough but you may need two stripper if the Olympic is thick. One 5 gallon of the TWP 105 Cape Cod Gray.
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    bill hawkins · 05/08/2014
    I have Olympic semi transparent "Cape Cop Gray" on my deck. I am totally dissatisfied with its application and look. It is two years old. I want to remove/strip the stain and apply a TWP cape cod gray (a semi-transparent finish??). The deck is 600 square feet. Please tell what I need - Product and quantity - to complete the refinishing of the deck.
    I see from your video you have a facility in Harrisonburg, Va. Would it be worth my time to visit the facility. It is less than 2 hrs away. Great college there as well.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with me.
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    Mazen M · 11/08/2013
    Is there a way to send you a picture? Somehow I need to find a transparent or semi transparent color that works well with the redwood and with the condition of my existing deck.
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    TWP Stains · 11/08/2013
    Mazen, only the 1500 is allowed on Cali due to your state's VOC laws. It works very well for your area. Any color you like will work. As for the prep, it is hard to answer as we do not know if you have an old stain on the wood or if is is just dirty and gray.
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    Mazen M · 11/07/2013
    1- Just bought a new house that has an exterior redwood deck. The deck is quite old and I am trying to identify whether I need to strip the deck or just clean it.
    2- Also I did not really get the difference between the TWP 100 and 1500.
    3- I am looking to stain the deck, with somehow keeping the wood natural color. I am planning to order a couple of samples, which color do you advise I should try?
    4- The deck is in Southern California, how's TWP perform on such a weather?
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    TWP Stains · 07/22/2012
    For best results it would be best to remove the previous coating with a stain stripped followed by a wood brightener. You would not need the cleaner. Both versions of TWP would work very well for a full sun deck in St. Louis.
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    Dale · 07/22/2012
    Four years ago, we stained our new western cedar deck using PPG Deck Cleaner and Porter Paint\'s \"PorterDeck\" Cedar-colored transparent wood stain. We would like to use TWP to restain the deck this summer. What is your recommendation for preparing the deck before applying the TWP stain? Is it necessary to remove what\'s left of the previous stain by using Gemini Safe Strip or Solid Strip? If so, then apply Cleaner and Brightner? Which TWP stain product would you recommend (100 vs 1500?) We live in St. Louis, the deck is in full sun, plenty of humidity and high temperatures in summer. Thanks!