One of the best lines of deck sealers is TWP (Total Wood Preservative). A deck sealer like TWP will preserve exterior wood and protect from harsh elements that cause water and UV damage. TWP deck sealers have tint in them making them semi-transparent. They are technically called deck stains but many use the word sealer instead. TWP deck sealers are one of the only EPA registered wood preservative in an oil based formula.

These sealers naturally repel water to shield the wood from water damage and wood decay. The pigments in the TWP deck sealers are UV absorbing and defend against unattractive discoloring, fading and wood graying. Utilizing selected mildewcides in all the TWP deck sealers creates a natural resistance to mold, mildew and algae, which can cause premature darkening and wood rot. The 1500 series and 100 series deck sealers help preserve and even enhance the wood grain’s natural beauty.

The 200 series of TWP deck sealer is a clear transparent sealer that protects from fungal growth, water infiltration, and sun damage. In addition, the professional grade chemicals in the formula helps to rejuvenate the natural oils of aged and damaged wood fibers. This helps restore flexibility and lubricity, which aids older neglected wood. The low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) formula of the 200 series is compliant in all 50 states.

All of the TWP deck sealers are user-friendly and easy to apply. They preserve the natural color of the wood and aid in color retention. TWP sealers are available in numerous colors and tones from Cedartone and Pecan to darker colors like Black Walnut and Dark Oak. The 1500 series is also VOC compliant in all 50 states like the 200 series. The TWP 100 series is not compliant in all 50 states. TWP deck sealers will preserve decks and other exterior woods as well as giving you a beautiful finish.

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    Regina Hirschfield · 10/06/2021
    Does the TWP 103 Dark Oak stain have the sealer built in?
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    Rebecca · 04/15/2020
    I live on the Puget Sound. Should I use a 1500 or a 200 series TWP for the wood on my dock? Can I paint it on or does it need to be sprayed. How many days do I need to let it dry?, in case it rains the day I apply it.
    Thank You
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      TWP Stains · 04/15/2020
      Use the TWP 1500. You can spray or use a staining brush or stain pad. Dries on 4-12 hours.
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    Dan · 04/15/2020
    Is your stain an sealer really a sealer or just a come on description
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    Greg · 04/12/2020
    Just built this garden fence. Treated 6x6s, 4x4s, 2x4s. How long should I wait before sealing the wood? Which product would last the longest on the post caps?
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    Frank · 08/29/2019
    Why can't you apply clear sealer over TWP stain sealer?
    One part of our deck absorbs water and looks matte. The rest repels water. We can't face sanding everything down, If clear sealer contains fine Zn0 particles why should'nt one be able to make the bad part of our deck less porous with diluted clear seal coat(s).
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      TWP Stains · 08/29/2019
      You can never apply a clear sealer over a stain nor would a clear sealer enhance the color. It does not change the appearance at all. The TWP is supposed to be a matte with no shine as it is penetrating stain. You could apply another light coat of the same stain color but make sure it soaks in fully.
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    Rhonda K · 08/08/2019
    do you have any soy or nontoxic sealers?
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      TWP Stains · 08/08/2019
      TWP is not soy-based nor is it considered "toxic" in the SDS.
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    Greg · 07/21/2019
    I stained my cedar porch posts with a semi transparent oil based stain. Now, what is best product to seal the posts with?
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      TWP Stains · 07/22/2019
      You cannot apply a sealer over a deck stain.
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    Carole Dudley · 06/07/2019
    I purchased TWP in 2018 and applied it to the deck. Over the fall and winter the deck became spotted with black mold or something. I reapplied the cleaner and brightener. Now, the deck looks faint, weak stain color. Do I reapply stain? If so, is there a sealer recommended to apply so the deck doesn't turn black again, or are their other suggestions.
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      TWP Stains · 06/07/2019
      Yes, apply one coat. You cannot top coat a deck stain with a sealer.