TWP 200 Series Deck Stain Reviews & Information

The 200 Series TWP Stain is a heavily pigmented penetrating finish specifically designed to prolong the longevity of exterior wood surfaces. The high percent of solids formula is ideal for rough wood surfaces such as cedar shake siding and shingles but can also be used on decking. It rejuvenates aged siding and roofing by replacing lost natural oils while providing adequate weather protection.


The TWP 200 Series review suggests that the primary function of the stain is to protect the cell structure of the wood. TWP 200 contains paraffin oils that are non-drying and replace the shrinking natural oils found in wood. This greatly increases the wood’s longevity and improves its beauty. TWP 200 Series is especially effective on aged shakes and shingles that have been overexposed to harmful UV rays. It can restore flexibility and appearance to dry brittle shingles and wood siding.


The review of TWP 200 Series found it to be resistant to mold and mildew unlike other oil based stains. The penetrating and lubricating oil formula is also resistant to peeling, cracking and flaking. Maintenance is a breeze with TWP 200 Series. Simply wash the surface in need of maintenance and recoat. Once TWP 200 is applied, further water and sun damage is prevented. The revitalized wood surface is shielded from both UV and moisture damage. It also provides freeze thaw damage in colder climates.

TWP 200 can last several years depending on climate and environmental conditions. It applies in one coat but 2 coats can be applied if necessary. Two coats should be applied wet on wet. TWP 200 Stain is environmentally friendly and is compliant in all 50 states. It is an EPA registered wood preservative and is available in a variety of natural colors.

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    Jim Varady · 09/16/2015
    I put 200 TWP clear on my cedar shake roof 7 years ago and now want to do it again with 200 TWP Butternut. What is the correct process for doing this after it was already put on 7 years ago?
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    TWP Stains · 03/29/2015
    Dave Yeakley:
    where can I buy this product.

    We are an online dealer and can ship to you from our website.
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    Dave Yeakley · 03/28/2015
    where can I buy this product.