TWP 1500 Series Deck Stain - The Best Low VOC Deck Stain

Need Help with your TWP 1500 Stain?

TWP 1500 Stain is a highly rated, EPA registered wood preservative that can be used for all types of exterior wood, siding and decking. TWP 1500 Stain will perform at its maximum potential when the wood is properly prepped and when the stain is properly applied. Unfortunately not all wood is in the same condition prior to applying the stain.

We are here to help with your project!

Please answer these few questions to achieve the best possible results with your TWP 1500 Wood and Decking Stain.

  1. info buttonAge of wood?
  2. Type of wood?
  3. Condition of the wood?
  4. Has it been stained previously and if so with what brand of stain?
  5. Small description of the area to be treated.

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    TWP Stains · 01/07/2013
    1. I would use the 1500 Series and only apply 1 coat.
    2. Yes
    3. Clean and Brighten with the Gemini Restore-A-Deck Kit to prep.
    4. I would not sand.
    5. TWP wants you to wait 4-12 months to let the wood season. Do not over apply. Just 1 coat the first time.
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    Bigdogmom · 01/07/2013
    I am installing new (untreated) pine vertical board & batten siding on an entire house in the Colorado mountains. Does the wood need to be pretreated before staining?
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    Jade · 01/07/2013
    Hi. I live in Central Texas. I have a 600 sf pressure treated yellow pine deck w/aluminum ballisters. The deck was put into place about three months ago. I believe it is seasoned well enough to take a stain (no previous stain)...and I am prepared to do some orbital sanding ---I was wondering several things:

    1. Which of your TWP products is the right one for me.

    2. Is it ok to do the hand rails and pergola first before I do the decking itself?

    3. What cleaner do you recommend for the stain preparation?

    4. Do you recommend any sanding with my Ryobi hand held 5" orbital sander? I have 80 grit sand paper.

    5. Are there any other tips/information you think I need?

    Thank you...

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    TWP Stains · 12/27/2012
    Scott in Cali:
    New Deck, Just installed
    Brand New
    No, starting to get dirty

    For brand new wood, TWP will penetrate better if you let the wood weather. The suggested waiting period is 4-12 months.

    I would wait until Spring, clean and brighten with the Gemini Restore A Deck Kit, then apply one coat of the 1500.
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    Scott in Cali · 12/27/2012
    New Deck, Just installed
    Brand New
    No, starting to get dirty

    We have a brand new redwood deck that we would like to use the TWP 1500 Stain on the deck. We would like to stain right away but have read reviews on other sites that suggest waiting.

    What should we do?

    Thanks for the help!