TWP 1500 Series Deck Stain - The Best Low VOC Deck Stain

Need Help with your TWP 1500 Stain?

TWP 1500 Stain is a highly rated, EPA registered wood preservative that can be used for all types of exterior wood, siding and decking. TWP 1500 Stain will perform at its maximum potential when the wood is properly prepped and when the stain is properly applied. Unfortunately not all wood is in the same condition prior to applying the stain.

We are here to help with your project!

Please answer these few questions to achieve the best possible results with your TWP 1500 Wood and Decking Stain.

  1. info buttonAge of wood?
  2. Type of wood?
  3. Condition of the wood?
  4. Has it been stained previously and if so with what brand of stain?
  5. Small description of the area to be treated.

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    Lou M · 07/19/2013
    This will be the first time I use TWP. I live in MA, my decking is cedar, about 13yrs old and about 600 sq ft. It's been treated with different semi-transparent products (Cabot, Sherman Williams ...) over the years. I pressure washed it about 3 weeks ago. Pretty much down to the bare wood. I read your info about wet on wet. But I was hoping for one application. Would it be OK to apply a second coat, some time later (1-2 months), if the first coat doesn't appear to be enough? I'm looking at the 1530 or the 101. Would one be better than the other for my situation? Also, are there any dealers in MA, RI or NH? If not, do you have any idea how long shipping would take? Thanks.
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    Eve · 07/19/2013
    Last summer we added over 1000 sq feet of porch and deck. The wood is pressure treated pine. The floor in the porch area is covered thus not exposed to elements and it still has that yellowish tint. However, the deck part is constantly exposed to sun and elements. The wood in this area is very dry and grayish in color. I also noticed some mold growing in few areas. We are in Ohio. Please advise on products to use. Thank you!
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    TWP Stains · 07/18/2013
    Debbie, no you cannot use WP on top of the Behr. You must remove the Behr with a stripper and or sanding.
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    Debbie VanHorn · 07/18/2013
    We have treated lumber on the deck that is mostly 20 years old. We replaced some boards this year, so a few are unfinished. The remainder were stained 2 years ago with Behr semi transparent stain. The deck is mostly shaded but not much problem with mildew. Will this stain cover the old once we power wash it?
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    John P · 07/17/2013
    New deck (16'x 21') since 06/01/2013 in Saint Louis; western cedar planking
    How much longer will the deck need to weather?
    Which is the appropriate TWP clear preservative; 1500 or 100?
    Since this is a new deck, is any cleaning or preparation product required? If so, what is recommended?
    How may coats of preservative are required? If more than one, how soon after the 1st coat should the second be applied?
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    TWP Stains · 07/17/2013
    Joe, for MA you would need to order the TWP 1500 Series.
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    joe serwatka · 07/17/2013
    just built my 3 year old a custom swing set using #1 pressure treated lumber. I have always been a BM customer, but their stain gets bad reviews. Your product receives great reviews. which series would you recommend for staining the swing set? I live in MA.
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    TWP Stains · 07/16/2013
    Paul C, I would prep the deck with the Gemini Restore kit after the sanding. You want the wood slightly rough, not smooth. This way the TWP will absorb better. Two very light coats wet on wet would be best. no need nor can you add a sealer into the TWP.
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    Paul C · 07/16/2013
    Two years ago I bought 10 gallons of cedar tone TWP 1500 for my fence and it turned out so great that several neighbourhood people have asked about it. Fence was already two years old and I pressure washed it before applying the TWP 1501. However, my deck which I built was new, and it was treated deck lumber. I didn't let it dry for a year, only a couple of months and when I applied the TWP 1501 stain it went on very light and did not soak into the wood. It is now, two years later and the fence still looks great but the deck is awful and faded. I am sanding it down now with a black & decker dragster. I plan to stain it when I'm done sanding which is taking a long time. 70% done. My questions are this--- should I apply two coats of twp1500 or one. Should I buy and apply a sealer to the stain? I there anything you can recommend to make sure it turns out as good as my fence?

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    TWP Stains · 07/16/2013
    egipple, I would at least give the wood a good washing with water to remove and sand dust that may be in the wood pores.
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    TWP Stains · 07/16/2013
    Don Musil, prep with the Gemini Restore Kit to restore the wood color. Stain with the TWP 1515 Honeytone color.
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    TWP Stains · 07/16/2013
    Rod Bodmer, prep with the Gemini Restore Kit then stain with 2 coats wet on wet with the 1500 Series.
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    rod bodmer · 07/16/2013
    1. 2 years
    2. pressure treated
    3. some cracks but overall good
    4. no
    5. Medford Or, east side of house, no other shade than the house, adjacent to pond and hot tub, 6 inches off ground
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    Don Musil · 07/15/2013
    I am looking for a product to apply to a 20plus year old redwood floor on our deck. It is currently part of a screened in deck that gets some sun exposure from the south. The wood is in good shape, the last application was Pentofin 4-5 years ago. The wood is dull and lifeless, we would like a neutral stain that would bring some of the life back to the wood
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    Ed Gipple · 07/15/2013
    I have a 4 year old pressure treated pine deck.

    It was originally finished with an acrylic product that has started to fail.

    I stripped the old finish (used a chemical stripper, followed with pressure washing, and a light sanding with 60 & 80 grit to de-fir).

    Should I use the deck brightener before staining even through the wood looks good?

    I also noticed that after stirring up my two TWP stain samples(1501 & 1530) they both very quickly (
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    TWP Stains · 07/15/2013
    Vince, use the TWP 100 Series with 2 coats wet on wet:
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    vince · 07/15/2013
    10 year old cedar decking. Good condition wood. Previously stained with Sikkens cetol. Stripping bare with sodium hydroxide. Full exposure due south. Southeast Michigan. Which stain is recommended and how many coats?
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    TWP Stains · 07/15/2013
    I would try to rinse the deck lightly with a pressure washer.
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    Jadire · 07/14/2013
    1. 1 year
    2. PTYP
    3. Great
    4. Y, TWP--of course! Semi Trans 1500
    5. 600sf w/ pergola.

    My question is--now that I have stained my newish deck w/ TWP...there are some areas where the sanding and splash from my incremental staining project is on the wood...I've used a garden hose, but it sort of just pushes it around. Can I pressure wash my deck now that it is stained without doing color damage? The splash is just from water but has mixed sawdust and dirt in stain splash.