TWP 1500 Series Deck Stain - The Best Low VOC Deck Stain

Need Help with your TWP 1500 Stain?

TWP 1500 Stain is a highly rated, EPA registered wood preservative that can be used for all types of exterior wood, siding and decking. TWP 1500 Stain will perform at its maximum potential when the wood is properly prepped and when the stain is properly applied. Unfortunately not all wood is in the same condition prior to applying the stain.

We are here to help with your project!

Please answer these few questions to achieve the best possible results with your TWP 1500 Wood and Decking Stain.

  1. info buttonAge of wood?
  2. Type of wood?
  3. Condition of the wood?
  4. Has it been stained previously and if so with what brand of stain?
  5. Small description of the area to be treated.

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    Jerry Vosti · 11/22/2020
    Just to make sure when using the restore deck stripper, do I need to tape up the sides of my house which the deck connects to? I am concerned that the stripper might take the paint off my house. Thanks for your help
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      TWP Stains · 11/22/2020
      The Stripper does not remove paint but you can tape if desired.
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    Randy · 11/13/2020
    Please comment on the differences in the amount of pigment and UV resistance between 1500 series Redwood, Rustic and California Redwood.
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      TWP Stains · 11/13/2020
      UV resistance and solid content are all the same.
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    Michael · 11/06/2020
    1. New
    2. Western Red Cedar Beveled Siding / Smooth
    3. Excellent
    4. No
    5. All 4 Sides of 2000 sqft building / Horizontally installed bevel siding.

    Being applied in south central wisconsin. We experience all 4 seasons. Just wondering what a reasonable expectation would be for the TWP 1500 Natural Cedar Tone stain's longevity would be before needing to be reapplied. This would be brushed on by hand with a quality stain brush.

    Also wondering if better results would be achieved by conditioning the wood first or suggestions on prepping the wood before applying the stain for best results.

    Thank you.
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    Renee · 10/30/2020
    1. New installation - <1 month
    2. Cedar (not sure if pressure treated but assume it is)
    3. Excellent
    4. No
    5. Ceiling and beams of free-standing screened porch in Northern Virginia. Would like to keep the natural color as much as possible while protecting it (don't want it to gray). Do we need to let it "weather" for several months before applying protection? Seeking advice re: timing of application, preparation needed and best color/product.
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    Ken · 10/25/2020
    I applied 8 gallons of the TWP1500 on a dry Pau Lope/Ipé deck (Brazilian hard wood) and the weather prediction was no rain for about the next 48 hours as recommended. Well, typical New England (Connecticut) weather and we had a slight drizzle for about an hour immediately after finishing the application (about 6 hours after the start). Will this be ok?
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      TWP Stains · 10/26/2020
      Hard to say. Let the water dry off and assess it in a few days to make sure it dried, cured correctly and there are not any visible water marks.
      • We will reply to your comment shortly
        Ken · 10/27/2020
        Thanks for the quick reply. The weather here is continuing to be wet ... no real rain but misting, heavy dew, high humidity, etc. Hope it dries and cures eventually!
        • We will reply to your comment shortly
          Ken · 11/15/2020
          I thought I should follow up to this email string. It's been about 3 weeks now since we applied the TWP1500 and we've finally had many days of dry and clear weather for it to cure. The deck looks great! Very happy that the drizzle immediately after application didn't fail it!
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    Andras · 10/21/2020
    I have a deck made from redwood and cedar. It was stained x2 in the past 10 years with Penofin (rosewood oil). The wood is in good condition, but the penofin developed gray spots and streaks.

    Do I need to send it off, or enough if we just use the prep kit and the pressure washer for prep?

    Also we are in Fresno in California, lot of sunshine and warm, dry weather.
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    Gabe · 10/09/2020
    Hi, I got the clear twp 1500 thinking that it would preserve the cedar wood color, but the label on the can says it will allow the wood to age to a natural grey. Is this basically the same color that I’d get if I didn’t use any stain at all?
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      TWP Stains · 10/10/2020
      Clear has no UV protection as it is not tinted. Any of the other colors will give UV protection.
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    Brenda · 09/26/2020
    I have two levels of deck space. My upper deck needs to be stained. If I use TWP deck cleaner and brightener on the upper deck, will the splashing water remove any stain from the lower deck. My lower deck is fine and doesn't currently need to be stained.
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      TWP Stains · 09/26/2020
      It is possible that it could discolor it.
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    Gary Freed · 08/22/2020
    The wood is probably 20-30 years old.
    The decking treated southern yellow pine.
    The condition varies from good to Many small cracks.
    There appeared to be a solid color stain on when I purchased the house 3 years ago. Using your products I stripped the finish and Used the lighter before applying cedar tone TWP 1500 stain., unfortunately it was rained on before curing, but was satisfactory until now. What preparations do you recommend? I plan on using Cedar tone TWP 1500 again.
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    Sandy · 07/15/2020
    My deck is 12-yo pt wood. I stained it 10 yrs ago with either TWP 100 or 1500 (don’t remember) cedartone. I cleaned & brightened & restained with same product about 5 yrs ago. This past winter the wood mildewed until it was black & slippery. I live in Georgia with a lot of pine & oak trees surrounding the house. The deck is still black this summer. I’m planning on pressure washing, then sanding, then using Restore-A-Deck, then restaining with 1500 cedartone. Which would be the best option for preventing mildew in the future: 100 or 1500 or a solid paint-based coating? Is there anything else I can do to prevent mildew?
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      TWP Stains · 07/15/2020
      Mildew can grow on top of any decks stain and cannot be 100% prevented. Use the TWP 1500 when you redo.
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    Dave · 07/14/2020
    Yes all rough sawn.
    2nd try on pic.
    looking for natural wood grain and color to be seen.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Dave · 07/14/2020
    Hello need help with selecting best stain for my project.
    1 age. New
    2. Western red cedar
    3. new, rough sawn
    4. Never been stained
    5. Arbor swing stand.
    pick is from a website of what I want to achieve. Mine is not built yet.
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    Vaden · 07/13/2020
    Two years ago, I sanded my deck to bare wood and stained with 1516 Rustic. It looked fantastic. This year I plan on staining again since it is beginning to fade. I have already cleaned and prepped the deck, but my wife is thinking that the 1516 is a little darker than she wants. Since the 1516 is faded a bit lighter now, can I use the 1501 Cedar, 1515 Honeytone, 1520 Pecan, or 1530 Natural over my existing 1516 Rustic to keep it a bit lighter and still get the protection? I know it would look slightly different and won’t be easy to predict the final color, but would the stains adhere the same or do I have to stick to a reapplication of 1516 Rustic?
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    Peggy Dare · 07/12/2020
    Help! Quick! I ordered the pecan 5 gallon can and the color is awful! There was so much sludge on the bottom, I stirred and stirred, thinking PLEASE let there be some warm toned pigment coming up in here somewhere, but no. The pecan color has no life to it, greenish. I felt like I was mixing up dog poop with water, and the dog was dead. Not at all like the on-line sample. I should have ordered a cedar color. As is I cannot put this product on my beautiful old barn.
    I need orange pigment, maybe about a half cup full, to mix into this to fix it. Can you help? PLEASE. 206-225-5196. 65 Obsidian Loop, Los Alamos, NM 87544
    • We will reply to your comment shortly
      TWP Stains · 07/12/2020
      I am sorry but we do not sell or offer pigment. Colors do vary based on the wood type and age of the wood but there is not any "green" pigment in the Pecan or any of the TWP color so it would be the wood itself causing this. If you wanted to modify the color of the TWP you would be able to do this by adding or mixing in a different TWP stain color.
      • We will reply to your comment shortly
        Peggy Dare · 07/15/2020
        Please send me some color. I tried it on various pieces of wood- seasoned raw and the problem is That the pecan color is just not a pecan color. I am an oil painter. I know how to mix colors. Somehow the TWP stains are mixed with pigments. Is there someone else I can talk with?
        • We will reply to your comment shortly
          TWP Stains · 07/15/2020

          As we mentioned, we do not have just "colors" or "pigments" to send. We only offer pre-mixed stains. You can order any of the pre-mixed stains colors that you like from the website to add to the Pecan that you have to modify it either lighter or darker.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Ron · 07/10/2020
    Got a deck and some lattice work, all are pressure treated and have sat a year. Looking to keep it as close as possible to the look it has. Suggested steps, I assume usually prep for treated wood that has sat for a year (still looks almost new), any other prep and suggestion for stain color. (Wisconsin, hard winters -well, pre climate change anyway).
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    Stephen · 07/10/2020
    I am trying to pick a stain color to that will keep me lighter in color but dark enough to hide the water marks and stuff. Any suggestions?
    • We will reply to your comment shortly
      TWP Stains · 07/10/2020
      Unfortunately, a semi-transparent stain will not hide watermarks. Those are deep in the wood and will still show no matter what color you choose. Using a wood brightened on all wood will help to even out the wood discoloration prior to staining.
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    Dawn McGuinness · 07/03/2020
    I stained my wood deck with TWP1500 last year and it looks thin and worn in spots. Can I put another coat directly on top of last Year’s coat?
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    jeff · 07/03/2020
    I recently purchased a pergola made of Chinese Cedar and erected 1 month ago. The product came pre-stained for color only with a water based stain and no sealer. The company states on their website "The wood on our Backyard Discovery products are flash heated which dries the stain fast into only the first few layers. This allows you to re-stain or paint with a different color on top of the pre-stained wood, you can also use a water or oil based sealant on the pre-stained wood as well."

    Based on their information, can I use the TWP or 1500 stain directly on the pergola or do I need to strip it. FYI, currently rain water soaks in.

    Also, is your stain an effective sealer?

    Thank you
    • We will reply to your comment shortly
      TWP Stains · 07/03/2020
      You cannot apply a sealer over a stain as the sealer will not be able to soak in. Leave it alone for now as it will be fine. Prep by stripping, brightening, and staining it next year.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Eric · 07/01/2020
    What's the best TWP stain for a mahogany deck that has been stripped and sanded. It's about 15 years old and in very good shape. At various times in the past, it was stained with Cabot australian Timber or Arborcoat translucent. I live in the northeast with lots of temperature extremes. TWP 100 or TWP 1500? Other suggestions?
    • We will reply to your comment shortly
      TWP Stains · 07/02/2020
      You will need the TWP 1500 for your area. Rustic 1516 is popular for Mahogany.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Jay · 06/26/2020
    Planning to stain 5/8" rough sawn pine siding panels (brand new) to look similarly to cedar. What would be the recommendation?