TWP 120 Pecan

TWP 120 pecanTWP 120 Pecan is the newest color in the 100 series line and was introduced as an alternative to the 101 Cedartone. This color is what we call a slightly brown/cedar color. Basically, a little bit of brown was added to the 101 Cedartone to "tone down" the traditional orange cedar color.

TWP 100 Series comes in 9 different color choices, 8 of which are semi-transparent. TWP penetrates into the wood grain while "enhancing" the natural color tones of your wood. TWP 120 is an EPA registered wood and deck stain and preservative. Containing unique ingredients which protect wood from damage, TWP 120 stain color has been a leader and respected product for over 25 years.

Final TWP 120 Pecan color will vary based on:

  • Type of Wood
  • Age of Wood
  • Prepping of Wood
  • Application method

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TWP 120 Pecan Photo Gallery

If you have used the TWP 120 Pecan, we would love to see your photos!

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    Leslie dean · 08/31/2018
    My cedar deck was stained one year after it was built as we were told to wait 1 yr.
    the color stain is Twp pecan, the deck came our orange. Awful color, also the knots are brown. Any way to restrain to bring it to a brown color?
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    Charlee · 08/23/2018
    I have few questions, please:
    1. Is humidity during the application process a factor in determining the end result?
    2. I hate orange. I understand honeytone is the most natural color and pecan is like cedartone with a little brown mixed in. Which is the LEAST orange? I have reviewed the photo gallery, but I don't want to be confused by lighting differences.
    3. What are the differences between the 1500 and the 100, other than the VOCs? What makes the 100 line better for new decks?
    Thank you!
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    Doug · 07/29/2018
    Is there any difference in the color between the 100 series and the 1500 series pecan?
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      TWP Stains · 07/29/2018
      Yes. The colors between the series are not exact but close.
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    Ed · 07/11/2018
    At what temp is to hot to put it on?