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TWP 100 StainNeed Help or Advice when using TWP 100 Stain?

TWP 100 Series Total Wood Protectant (TWP) Wood Deck Stain protects and prolongs all exterior woods, decks, and fences. TWP Wood Deck Stains and Sealers is a distinctive mixture of chemicals blended together to form a professional strength formula that preserves exterior wood surfaces in numerous ways. 

TWP 100 Series Stain will perform at its maximum potential when the wood is properly prepped and when the stain is properly applied. Unfortunately not all wood is in the same condition prior to applying the stain.

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Do you have any questions about using the TWP 100 Wood and Deck Stain?

Please answer these few questions to achieve the best possible results with your TWP 100 Wood and Decking Stain.

  1. info buttonAge of wood?
  2. Type of wood?
  3. Condition of the wood?
  4. Has it been stained previously and if so with what brand of stain?
  5. Small description of the area to be treated.

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    mike covey · 03/16/2013
    I live in South TX in a salt water environment. I have a combination of an unprotected dock of approx 350 sq. ft. & a partially protected porch/stairs area totalling 700 sq. ft. The wood is treated pine and 20 years old. The dock has some checking & spliting but is still OK. I have only previously used Thompsons type sealers & have not treated it in 6-7 years. I plan to use cleaner and brightner and a power washer. I like the reviews of TWP 100 and the Restore-a-Deck products.

    1. How much TWP 100 should I order?
    2. Do you offer the Restore-a-Deck double packs or will one suffice?
    3. With the dock over water and the 2nd story deck over a concrete patio I am looking to minimise drip through. what would be the best application method?
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    TWP Stains · 03/15/2013

    Prep with the Gemini Restore-A-Deck then apply 1 coat of TWP. Please read this about staining TWP to newer decks:
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    TWP Stains · 03/15/2013
    Neil, If rough wood, you do not need to use a cleaner.
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    Neil · 03/15/2013
    Do I need to use wood cleaner before staining a newly installed rough cedar arbor before staining with TWP100?
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    Eddie · 03/15/2013
    Deck built in Aug of 2012
    No stain waiting for it to weather
    Deck 12X30
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    TWP Stains · 03/11/2013
    If this is smooth wood then you need to wait 4-12 months to let the wood weather. If is is rough cedar then you can stain as long as the wood is dry. I would use the 1500. You can get samples here:
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    Jason Rodgers · 03/10/2013
    I just put up a cedar fence and now I need to stain it. It has never been stained before. What product (1500 or 100 series) do you recommend and can you send me samples? Thanks. I have approximately 270 linear feet of fence, 6 feet high.
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    TWP Stains · 03/10/2013
    The 100 is 500 VOC compliant for about 35 states while the 1500 is a lower VOC which allows it to be shipped to all states. The 1500 has a higher solid content.
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    anthony pitts · 03/09/2013
    i would like to know the difference in the 1oo and the 1500
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    TWP Stains · 03/08/2013
    Chad, yes you can but you will need to prep the wood first by cleaning.
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    TWP Stains · 03/08/2013

    Prep the deck with the Gemini Restore Kit. This will remove the gray, dirt, and mil glaze. I would then stain with 1 coat of the TWP.
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    chad brooks · 03/07/2013
    I have twp stain on rough cedar and it seems to have faded in some areas with a lot of sun. Can I put a new coat of twp over the existing twp stain?
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    Jack5 · 03/07/2013
    1) 8 months
    2) Ceder
    3) new
    4) No
    5) ceder deck 14x30
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    TWP Stains · 03/01/2013
    Nicki, I would look at the Restore A Deck Stripper for this:

    Two coats "wet on wet". Here is an article about that:
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    Nicki Buntemeyer · 02/28/2013
    Thank you for your reply below. Do you have a specific stripper you recommend? And should I do the gemini restore kit on the old and the newer unstained parts of the deck? And how many coats should I do? Thanks so much, look forward to placing my order =)
    RE: Hello :)

    1: New part of deck is 1.5 years, unsure how old other part is but the woods in good shape.

    2. Pressure treated Pine

    3. New part is great condition, older part also in good condition

    4. New portion has never been sealed or stained, old portion has been well maintained with a sherwin Williams stain but it's now a flaking peeling mess

    5. The total deck is approx 1000 sq feet. We also have a pool and I'm nervous about colors matching the old and the new decking. Thank so much for your help. Also which line of your stain would be best? I live in Ohio and like I said the deck is exposed to lots of water from the pool and natural weather elements.
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    TWP Stains · 02/27/2013
    The 100 is a 550 VOC stain and has less solid content while the 1500 is a low VOC stain of 250 with a higher solid content. The 1500 may give a little better UV protection. The 1516 Rustic is slightly darker then the 116 Rustic.
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    Michael Moreland · 02/26/2013
    I used 100 rustic stain on my pine wood siding a year ago, what is the difference in the 100 and 1500. Which one is better and will the 1500 rustic match the 100 rustic in color.
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    TWP Stains · 02/24/2013
    Kent, many things are being done wrong. TWP is not to be applied to new wood for 4+ months after install. Wood should then be cleaned and brightened to prep. Sanding is not the proper way to prep as it reduces the stain's ability to penetrate. One good thing for you is that this is a ceiling. If it was a floor, the stain would fail quickly due to improper prep. Since it is a ceiling, it will probably be okay.

    As for your questions, adding a second coat will not help the stain last longer and could cause more issues. Never apply a top coat stain on top of TWP. It will not work.

    Hope this helps!
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    Kent Kopperud · 02/24/2013
    @-22-13 We sanded new pine 1x8 tongue and groove starter board smooth side applied to an interior ceiling,client wants second coat and it will be 17 hours since the first coat this possible?and she wants a clear satin finish over the twp 100 pecan stain,is this possible?
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    TWP Stains · 02/23/2013
    Nicki, to ensure an even application you must remove remnants of all old stain first. Depending on who bad the old stain is, this should be done by either stripping off the stain or sanding it off. Once that is removed then cleaning and brightening with the Gemini Restore Kit will help even out the appearance of the new and old wood.

    For Ohio you would need the TWP 1500 as the 100 Series is not compliant.