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TWP 100 StainNeed Help or Advice when using TWP 100 Stain?

TWP 100 Series Total Wood Protectant (TWP) Wood Deck Stain protects and prolongs all exterior woods, decks, and fences. TWP Wood Deck Stains and Sealers is a distinctive mixture of chemicals blended together to form a professional strength formula that preserves exterior wood surfaces in numerous ways. 

TWP 100 Series Stain will perform at its maximum potential when the wood is properly prepped and when the stain is properly applied. Unfortunately not all wood is in the same condition prior to applying the stain.


Do you have any questions about using the TWP 100 Wood and Deck Stain?

Please answer these few questions to achieve the best possible results with your TWP 100 Wood and Decking Stain.

  1. info buttonAge of wood?
  2. Type of wood?
  3. Condition of the wood?
  4. Has it been stained previously and if so with what brand of stain?
  5. Small description of the area to be treated.

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    Nathan · 06/02/2020
    I have a log home in West Virginia I just bought. It's 26 years old and hasn't been treated in several years by the looks of it. What prep do you recommend? I am thinking the 100 series with bug juice is needed as we have lots of carpenter bees. What are your recommendations, please?
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    Cathy Hink · 05/26/2020
    What is the difference between the TWP 100 Series and the TWP 1500 Series. If I use TWP 100 series in the past and now am stripping and brightening -- can I switch to TWP 1500 Series? I would also like to know when to use the Gemini products to strip and brighten vs. the RAD system of stripping and brightening. (I live in the Seattle area)
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    Norma Keller · 05/23/2020
    I have a 15 year old deck that needs your Restore product followed by your stain. What are the circumstances that would help me decide between the 100 series and the 1500 series. I don't really understand the difference. Thank you.
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    Drew · 05/19/2020
    I applied TWP100 to a new pine deck, which dried for about 8 months before cleaned and stained. After about two months, the stain is starting to fade and not repel water. Did the wood absorb all the stain? Should I apply a second coat?
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      TWP Stains · 05/19/2020
      No, it is fine. Just clean and recoat next year.
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    Steve · 05/14/2020
    Considering using the stain on a new wood with live edges outdoor picnic table and benches in Wisconsin...Is the stain appropriate to outdoor furniture?
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    John · 05/08/2020
    I'm building a rough sawn timber pavilion and have stained pieces with TWP 100 before I've assembled and it makes it so much easier. I'm getting ready to deck the roof with tongue and groove but it's not rough sawn but dimensional. Is it okay to stain before I install rather than wait as this roof will be shingled on top and will not really weather, and staining 650 sq ft overhead would be a pain, or can you not recommend the way I would like to do this?
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    Michael W · 05/08/2020
    25 year old pressure treated pine deck that has been planed down to remove nearly all oxidized wood. Wood is in fairly good shape with some cracking and has never been stained or treated with water repelling product.
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    Bill M · 04/29/2020
    I have a 3 year old large mahogany deck that I am power washing and need to preserve. A transparent oil stain by a competitor has been suggested. Since TWP stain performance ratings are significantly higher, which of your stains would you recommend? I want the beauty of the mahogany to come through the finish. I am in NY state.
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    FunnyMoose · 04/27/2020
    What compound is in TWP 100 that is not in TWP 200 that allows it to fall under the VOC rules of Canada?
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      TWP Stains · 04/28/2020
      It is not a compound that causes VOCs but home much evaporates.
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        FunnyMoose · 05/02/2020
        Thank you for the reply, The problem is I have use TWP 100 cedar tone and it has lasted on my Log Cabin 5 years the product is Brilliant, but I have been told that the TWP 200 can not be use over top of the TWP 100 and I would have to strip the logs before applying the 200, I am not prepared to do this way to much work. What are my options?
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          TWP Stains · 05/03/2020
          Just strip and brighten for prep. That is your only option.
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    Matt · 04/26/2020
    I am building a playhouse for my kids. I built a platform which is 4’ off the ground out of treated pine. I bought untreated pine for the house that is going on the platform. I didn’t think about this but there will be over hangs under the roof that will be exposed to elements and I’m wondering if 1.) can this be applied to an untreated pine (just bought from Lowe’s and never been treated) and 2.) will the wood be fine/durable after being treated with TWP 100.

    I just built the platform so I’m still going to wait 4 months on that
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    Rachel Hays · 04/25/2020
    The previous owners of our property applied Valspar deck stain and sealer. Trying to prepare the gates to refinish I found one side of the fence finish cracked and pealing. Wire brushing and sanding this side removed most, but only most, of the finish and revealed grayed wood beneath. The other side of the gate neither brushed nor sanded, but the finish can be peeled with just a fingernail, coming off like a stretchy latex. Definitely not the way to remove the finish on the gates. Please recommend what I might try with likelihood of success so that I can refinish the gates using TWP100.
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    Tim Cusimano · 04/14/2020
    Purchased 20 gallons of TWP 100 for boat dock decking at a condo complex. Applied 15 gallons a week ago & 5 days later one of the boat docks was submerged do to a rise in the river level.
    1) Now there is a white residue or emulsion that exist within the sealer. Tried rubbing it off, but to no avail. Any suggestions ? Should I try recoating it ?
    2) The color purchased, Honeytone, dried way too yellow. I have 5 gallons left (5 gal pail); can I add darker stain to the Honeytone to make it browner ? (i.e. maybe add Pecan or even Dark Oak).

    Please assist.
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      TWP Stains · 04/14/2020
      1. There is nothing in the TWP that would create a white residue so it is either coming from the wood or something is laying on top of the stain. Without knowing what it is, there is not a way to suggest how to remove it. You may have to recoat it.
      2. Add Dark Oak to brown it some.
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        Tim · 04/14/2020
        Thanks for the speedy reply. Can I add any petroleum based Dark Oak form the local home improvement store ? And any suggestions on ratio's of stain to add ?
        • We will reply to your comment shortly
          TWP Stains · 04/14/2020
          No, it has to be a TWP 100 stain. The ratio would be your color choice as to how dark you would like it to be.
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    Vince · 04/13/2020
    We stained about five years ago. Going to stain again now. We used either Redwood or Rustic. Can’t figure out. Can you help? Thank you.
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    Gary · 04/12/2020
    I’d like to use an oil based stain for marine decking that is pressure treated wood and is 15 years old. It has been pressure washed and looks good. Which product would you recommend?
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    Pat Chapman · 04/11/2020
    What is the expected life span for TWP 100 Rustic 116? How do I know when a maintenance coat is required? We applied this stain per instructions in Sept 2018. It still looks good but it is slightly fading and losing some of the water beading characteristics.
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    Tedd Stipanovich · 04/05/2020
    My question is I have a new cedar pergola I do like the cedar look . What would be best Twp 100 clear or your cedartone product
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    rhonda · 04/03/2020
    which series would be best for cypress post?
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    James · 03/18/2020
    Wood boards are new KDAT pine wood, verticals are 9 year old treated pine. Verticals are in moderate conditions and floor surface is new. Verticals have been stained with Sikkens ProLuxe 3 years ago. 12x12 outdoor deck in Madison WI. Can I apply TWP 100 over the sikkens proluxe on the verticals?
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    Linda · 02/23/2020
    I live in eastern Colorado. Semi arid with lots of sun and temperature extremes. What should I use on a new cedar pergola?
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    Jane Busby · 01/27/2020
    We are wanting to stain/seal a camp house we are covering with cypress that was cut off of our land. The logs have been cut a few years but we just got them sawed into board and batten and have already put them up. We are concerned about splitting, cupping, warping. Should this be a concern and would your product help to prevent this and how long do we need to wait before applying it? we live in south Alabama. Suggestions please....