The Only Official Online Dealer for TWP Stains

by TWP Stains


The Only Official Online Dealer for TWP Stains

Staining and protecting your exterior wood surfaces is the best way to ensure they look good and last for many years. Using a professional grade stain like TWP (Total Wood Preservative) will preserve your wood’s beauty with a long lasting finish. Because TWP has been a leading stain brand for over 20 years its reputation as a durable and lasting wood preservative is unmatched.


Where to purchase TWP wood stains? Finding a TWP Stain dealer may be easier than you think. With access to the Internet you can simply order it online and have it shipped directly to your home or business. All of the TWP products are available through their official online dealer. The only official online dealer for TWP Stains is authorized through their largest distributor – Gemini Products. Buying directly from the only official online dealer of TWP stains gives you the assurance of a quality product and professional customer service.


The only official online TWP stain dealer website is also full of staining tips and how to articles to help you with your exterior staining projects from start to finish. Knowing you are buying from an authorized TWP Stain dealer gives you the extra confidence you need in knowing your exterior wood surfaces will be protected with a professional stain product.

TWP stain has been a leader in preserving wood stains for both consumers and contractors for many years. Just like the quality put into their products, their knowledge and customer service found through the only official online dealer of TWP stains is unrivaled by other stain companies. Buy with confidence and with the support of knowledgeable professionals from the only official online dealer for TWP stains. Give your exterior wood surfaces the care and protection they deserve. Buy from the official online dealer and see why TWP wood stains and products are a leader in the industry.


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John schoenig
John schoenig
3 years ago

Is amteco an authorized dealer. 3 years ago I applied 1502 and it now to be recounted do I need a cleaner/bregtner or can I do a light power wash

compare TWP stains
8 years ago

I installed a cedar deck last year, but was not satisfied with the stain I had put on it. I even sanded off the mill glaze before staining. Because of some cupping of the boards and the stain that was flaking off in places, I recently sanded off the cupping effect and the stain is gone too. With these conditions, do you recommend the Gemini Restore Kit? And, please explain the 2 coats wet on wet for two coats. Thanks,

Betty Srnold
Betty Srnold
8 years ago

What should I do if it rains on my deck within the first 24 hrs of staining… Using dark oak on treated pine some old wood some mew as of last fall.. Men are sanding to bare wood and doing cleaner brightner as per your instructions… Dallas

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