RAD™ Wood & Deck PaintStrip Stripping Gel

R-A-D™ PaintStrip is the right choice for almost any paint or sealer stripping project. R-A-D™ PaintStrip is eco-friendly, works fast (starts working within 5 minutes), and removes up to 5 layers of most paints in 30-45 minutes, and up to 15 layers in 24 hours. R-A-D™ PaintStrip stays wet for 24+ hours, allowing you to strip larger areas without having to reapply.

When & Where to use RAD™ PaintStrip

R-A-D™ PaintStrip does not contain any hazardous methylene chloride or NMP. R-A-D™ PaintStrip is non-flammable, non-combustible, and practically odor free. R-A-D™ PaintStrip can be used on interior and exterior surfaces including wood, brick, concrete, plaster, stone, metal, fiberglass, and more. Additionally, R-A-D™ PaintStrip clings well to vertical surfaces. Note: R-A-D™ PaintStrip is not needed to remove penetrating exterior deck and wood stains that are Transparent, Semi-Transparent, or Semi-Solid in appearance. To remove these deck and wood stain types, use the Restore-A-Deck Stain Stripper.

R-A-D™ Wood & Deck PaintStrip Removes

  • Solid Color Wood Stains, Paints, Varnishes
  • Excessively Over-Applied Semi-Transparent and Semi-Solid Coatings
  • Filming Acrylic Wood Stain Coatings such as Behr Wood Stains, Thompsons, Olympic, SuperDeck, Benjamin Moore ArborCoat, Valspar, PPG/Pittsburgh, and any other exterior wood and deck stains

DO NOT use on drywall, rubber, plastic, or vinyl.

RAD™ PaintStrip Paint & Solid Stain Stripping Gel

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