Dock Revive 1/4 Kit

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Dock Revive is a durable, environmentally friendly coating specifically formulated for resurfacing wood docks, ramps, steps, boardwalks and more. Color choice is unlimited, just add one quart of ANY solid color acrylic latex stain to the kit.

  • fills cracks
  • locks down splinters
  • seals hardware
  • slip-resistant
  • high build and quick-setting
  • applies with standard paint equipment
  • VOC-free and environmentally friendly

The Dock Revive kit includes one gallon of our special bonding agent for priming; plus one gallon of of our penetrating polymer resin and four bags of our specially formulated dry chemistry, to which you add one gallon of any solid color acrylic latex stain.

COVERAGE:  Expect approximately 50 square feet of coverage with two coats applied depending on porosity and condition of the surface.


Unlike other "Dock Resurfacer" type products, Dock revive is breathable, allowing moisture to escape.



Are you tired of maintaining or replacing wood docks? If your dock is structurally sound, you can avoid repetitive maintenance and costly replacement by choosing to resurface with Dock Revive.

 This durable, eco-friendly polymer coating fills cracks, locks down splinters and seals hardware, at a fraction of the cost of other options in terms of time, labor and money.

A VOC-free, water-based coating, Dock Revive creates a highly textured, slip, stain, scuff and fire-resistant surface. Plus, your color choice is unlimited – just add ANY solid color acrylic stain to the kit.

Each kit includes one gallon of special dock primer, one gallon of our penetrating polymer resin and four bags of a specially formulated dry chemistry for dock applications. Dock Revive applies with ordinary paint tools and is high build and quick setting, for minimal time-out-of-service. You can roll out a brand new dock surface in the morning that can handle light foot traffic within a few hours.

Formulated to outlast any other sealer, stain or coating on the market, Dock Revive can resurface, preserve and extend the life of wood docks, boardwalks, ramps, gangways, steps and more.

All of our innovative coatings are environmentally responsible choices. Not only are they non-toxic, but they keep old dock and deck boards and even concrete, out of our landfills — while extending the service life of existing structures for years.

Make the choice to resurface with Dock Revive, so that you spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying your outdoor living and recreating spaces.



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re:small test patch
No idea as to the greenish color. I would suggest contacting the maufacturer.
small test patch
I\'ve been in new home about 1 1/2 years....deck needs to be redone. I bought some EHT (what was originally used) and tested a small area. I shook the can and opened it and it was a kind of olive green color which I thought was odd. I tested a an area about the size of the palm of my hand and it dried to a slightly darker olive greenish brown color....not the rich brown that the deck was before it started fading. Any suggestions or ideas as to why the strange color?
Beading water is not important when it comes to deck stains. This is a misconception of the public from watching all those Thompson\'s commercials. In reality the stain should \"shed\" water but not \"bead\"

The best way to tell if the rain affected the stain is to see if there is any lifting residue, looks blotchy, or separation circle spots. If not then I would not worry about it.
We had a VERY unexpected rain \"squal\" blow through about 5 hours after applying Wolman EHT sealant to our ironwood decks...which appeared about 95% dry when the rain arrived....temp was about 60 degrees---
(The first application was back in 9/2007--when the decks were new)---
...what , if anything, determines the need for another application---? ?)---rain water appears to be \"50%\" beading....